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    Sodium Chlorate
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    1 manufacture of chlorinedinedioxide,sodium chlorite, and other chlorate and perchlorate.
    2 Used in herbicide, oxidant, paper-making, printing, tannting leather, explosive and manufacture of printing oil.
    3 Used in match, fire-cracker, medicine, metallurgy and mineral treatment, and abstraction of B form sea water.



    Present Index Index Name Excellent grade
    GB/T1618-1995 Appearance White or light-yellow crystal
    Sodium chlorate(dry atate),% 99.5
    Miosture. % 0.30
    Water-insoluble Matter.% 0.01
    Chloride(Cl),% 0.15
    Sulphate(SO4)% 0.01
    Chromate(CrO4),% 0.01
    Iron(Fe),% 0.005

    Packing: plastic woven bag, 25kg Packed in iron cask of 50kg each

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