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    Manganese Sulfate
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    Cas No:10034-96-5
    Molecular formula:MnSO4*H2O
    Molecular weight:168.94
    Specification:feed grade,technical grade
    Properties:Slightly efforescent pink powder

    Mainly used for making dryer of ink and paint ,catalyst of synthetic fatty acid ,manganese compound;electrolyze metallic manganese ,dyeing manganese oxide;and for printing/dyeing paper making,porcelain/ceramic paint, medicine and other industries .It can cure the disease caused by manganese insufficiency, such as growth badness,short bone, loose bone ,slow growth,etc.

    In 25kg/50kg plastic woven bag with plastic liner inside . 1000kg big bag
    Storage: Sealed, in cool dry place.
    Specifications of Manganese Sulfate Mono:

    Items of Analysis Unit Index
    Mn Apha 31.8
    Purity % 98
    Water insoluble % 0.05
    Fe % 0.005
    Pb % 0.0015
    As % 0.0005
    Cl % 0.004
    PH value   5.07.0

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