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    Potassium Chlorate
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    NAME Potassium Chlorate
    ITEM industry grade
    Content 99.7%
    Product Description 1Nature of the product is powder, while the cool salty taste, toxic, soluble in water, alkali solution, alcohol, and agents with carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, organic matter or combustible materials or combustible mixture by the impact and occurrence of high temperature combustion and explosion.
    2 Purposes, potassium chlorate is mainly used for firecrackers and raw materials, also can be used as medicine, analytical reagent, fuses, matches, insecticides, herbicides and other raw materials. In recent years, as a new type of fertilizer, is also very popular in Southeast Asia have greater market appeal.
    3 Product packaging, according to the different needs of customers, using woven bags, cartons, drums, etc.

    Quality Standard Item Standard
    Potassium % 99.7
    Water% 0.05
    Water-Insoluble Matter,% 0.03
    Chlorideas CL% 0.02
    Bromateas BRO3% 0.03
    Sulfateas SO4% 0.01
    IronFe% 0.003
    Fineness(Passing through 125um with residue)%% 0.5

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